Mosquito Control

Serving Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Spruce Grove, St. Albert, and surrounding areas!

No Contracts. No Commitments. No Mosquitoes. Guaranteed.

What Sets Us Apart?

At Mosquito Authority of Edmonton, our mission goes beyond simply killing mosquitoes. We want to help educate people in our community about the true dangers of mosquito bites and teach you how to better protect yourself and your loved ones from the diseases they spread. Our customers trust us to eliminate mosquitoes from their yards and keep them safe. We take that responsibility very seriously, and that’s why we do mosquito control differently:

  • No Mosquitoes, GUARANTEED, or we'll happily refund your money.
  • No Contracts, No Commitments. You can cancel anytime just by notifying us.
  • Excellent customer service, every time.

Our Process

Our 4-step process ensures that your yard will stay mosquito-free for good. If you’re bothered by mosquitoes in between treatments, all you have to do is call, and a technician will return to your property to retreat and reassess free of charge. That’s the Mosquito Authority guarantee.

1. We Identify the Problem

2. We Find the Right Solution

3. We Treat Your Property

4. You Stay Pest Free or We'll Be Back

Mosquito Authority of Edmonton offers one-time treatments for special outdoor events of all kinds. There’s no better backdrop for a special day than the beautiful outdoors, but mosquitoes can ruin an otherwise picture-perfect event. We will make sure that you and your guests can enjoy each other’s company all day or night long without being bothered by mosquitoes. All we need is at least 48-hours’ notice, and we’ll keep your event mosquito free!

Commercial Services

Mosquito Authority of Edmonton also serves all kinds of commercial clients, including hotels, resorts, concert venues, event spaces, restaurants, sports complexes, and more! We’ll treat your entire outdoor property so that your guests and customers aren’t bothered by pesky mosquitoes.

We Don't Just Kill Mosquitoes
It’s our mission to educate as many people as possible about the very real dangers mosquitoes pose to public health. A lot of people think mosquitoes are just a pesky nuisance that leaves you with annoying, itchy bites. However, mosquitoes are one of the deadliest animals on the planet, and they spread diseases that can have serious, life-altering consequences.
Customer Testimonials

Hi, my name is Andrea and I am the mom of 3 kids. For years after redoing our backyard, we were not able to use it at all because the mosquitoes were so bad during the summer. Then, this Spring I saw a sign for The Mosquito Authority outside of our neighborhood, programmed the number right into my phone, and had them come out. It's been really successful. Ever since then, we've been able to enjoy our yard. Our kids have loved being out here. We're not bothered by all the mosquitoes coming over from the Lake across the street. They have been very professional and courteous to work with and I highly recommend them.

Mosquito Awareness Guide

We created a free Mosquito Awareness Guide for our customers and the general public alike. It includes everything you need to know about mosquitoes, the diseases they carry, and the best ways to control mosquitoes. You’ll find information like:

  • The 5 Things Every Mom Should Know About Mosquitoes
  • 7 Things Everyone Should Know About Professional Mosquito Control
  • 3 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Mosquito-Borne Disease
  • 4 Things to Look for in a Repellent
  • How to Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes
  • So, You've Been Bitten – 4 Symptoms to Look Out For

Our hope is that you’ll use the knowledge in this guide to protect your family from mosquitoes and help us spread this information far and wide. Our mission is to help stop the spread of mosquito-borne diseases and do our part to create a safer, healthier world.

The Zika Trap project is a nationwide community-based initiative to track and monitor the types of mosquitoes capable of transmitting diseases like Zika – and we need your help! You can participate by setting traps, collecting the eggs, and mailing them back to us. We will then grow the mosquitoes, I.D. the adults, and update the database to help stop the spread of Zika.

More information about Zika is becoming available every day. We want to help you stay informed on all the latest Zika news, so we created an informational site and Facebook group centered on keeping you up to date and safe.