Superior customer service and love our mosquito-free yard. It makes life with 3 kids so much easier and every little bit helps!

Rochelle R.

It's been a tough season with all the rain, but our mosquito numbers are way down. It allows us to enjoy our back deck and yard without getting eaten alive!

Nicole K.

Mosquitoes are the worst. We appreciate Mosquito Authority for sure. Mosquito Authority has great customer service. They are very responsive to any concerns or needs. We also use them for general pest control and it's been great. Would absolutely recommend.

Steph S.

Mosquito Authority is reliable and as they say “we have no mosquitoes here”. We’ve used the service for 4 years now and have enjoyed our beautiful back yard all summer long. We highly recommend the service.

Cathryn L.

Excellent job at keeping my outdoor living area mosquito-free for two years now! Additionally, their customer service is superior! If any mosquitoes are around after a treatment, they will come back out and promptly re-treat for free. I will definitely use the Mosquito Authority service next season as well!

Zanah K.

We are very pleased with the Mosquito Authority. They let us know when they are coming and are very nice. It is also not to have to fight mosquitoes when we want to go out or come in the house. Also the people are very nice and friendly and know what they are doing.

Judy Z.

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